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Serv-U FTP Server - Secure File Transfer Software

Serv-U FTP server for Windows and Linux supports SFTP (SSH), secure FTP (FTPS), secure file sharing, web transfers, and remote administration.

Access files from anywhere via mobile devices, web browsers and FTP clients, and avoid data at rest in the DMZ with our MFT gateway. Let your end users share files or request files with anyone through an intuitive web interface that replaces insecure or unreliable cloud-based applications.

Industry leaders rely on our FTP software to exchange files with trading partners, share files, secure file transfer, and automate file transfers. Download our FTP Server today!

Share Files & Request Files

Share Files & Request Files

  • Lets your end-users share files or request files with anyone
  • Replaces unreliable or insecure cloud applications
  • Includes retention, password, and notification options
Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer

  • FTP, FTPS (SSL/TLS), SFTP (SSH) and HTTP/S for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Separate domains with fine-grained user and group permissions
  • Bandwidth throttling, quotas and alerts
Browser-Based Uploads & Downloads

Browser-Based Uploads & Downloads

  • Perfect for-end users - no installation required
  • Firewall-friendly - uses HTTP/S (not FTP)
  • Plug-ins for large files (>2GB), multiple files, drag-n-drop & sync
Serv-U FTP Server Video Tour

Two Minute Video Tour

  • File sharing, file exchanges, and access from anywhere
  • Web, mobile and administration interfaces
  • Access controls and DMZ-ready architecture
Compare to the Comparison

Compare to the Competition

  • Future-proof your deployment for iPads, IPv6, 64-bit, Linux, and more
  • No seat licenses for web or mobile transfers
  • Serv-U costs less and offers more
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