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Serv-U Articles

RhinoSoft is compiling a list of interesting articles that may help you get the most out of Serv-U. Below you will find descriptions of different topics and a link to the articles.

Enabling High Performance Data Transfers

  • In order to take full advantage of high speed networks users and system administrators have to pay attention to some of the configuration and tuning issues. This is particularly important on high speed paths that involve large round trip times (RTT), sometimes referred to as "Long Fat Networks".

Microsoft Windows 2000 TCP/IP Implementation Details(PDF)

  • This white paper describes the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system TCP/IP implementation details, and is a supplement to the Microsoft Windows 2000 TCP/IP manuals. The Microsoft TCP/IP protocol suite is examined from the bottom up. Throughout the paper, network traces are used to illustrate key concepts.

Windows 2000 TCP Performance Tuning Tips

  • This article adds some extra information based on the information from the article above titled "Microsoft Windows 2000 TCP/IP Implementation Details".

How did Serv-U get installed on my computer?

  • This article explains how Serv-U FTP Server may have been installed on your computer by a virus and/or a hacker.