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Serv-U Integration and Customization

Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U MFT Server can be integrated with third-party applications and shared databases. They can also be branded to blend in with your corporate web site, Intranet, partner portal, or other web-based resources.



Customize the logo, colors, schemes and text your end users see.
Our DB Integration Guide allows
you to integrate with 3rd party apps.


Grant Control to 3rd Party Applications

  • Add, delete or modify users
  • Add, delete or modify groups
  • Add, delete or modify permissions and attributes
  • Examples provided for C#, VB.NET and PHP

Shell Out to 3rd Party Applications

  • Use events to invoke external applications and scripts
  • Pass parameters during invocation

Watch with Network Monitoring and SIEM

  • Parse Serv-U logs with SolarWinds or FTP/WatchDog
  • Collect and forward Serv-U's Windows Event Logs

Authenticate to Remote Sources

  • Active Directory domain controllers
  • Local Windows user stores
  • Remote databases
  • Custom applications (via custom DLL)

Customize Web Interface

  • Custom logo, colors, scheme and text
  • Apply your branding

Next Steps

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