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DMZ Gateway

Serv-U uses a reverse proxy called Serv-U Gateway for high-security applications requiring a DMZ segment. It:

  • Terminates all incoming connections in the DMZ
  • Avoids any inbound connections from the DMZ to any internal network
  • Avoids any data at rest in the DMZ
  • Meets PCI DSS and other high security regulations


Multiple Serv-U Gateway licenses can be purchased for additional redundancy, throughput or session capacity.

Serv-U Gateway is
Serv-U's reverse proxy.
Serv-U Gateway can also
be clustered for HA.
Our Distributed Architecture
Guide has the details.


Easy to Try, Easy to Deploy

  • Takes less than one hour to install, connect and configure
  • Managed from existing Serv-U management console
  • 14-day trial available for immediate download

All the Features of Serv-U

  • Streams FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS sessions
  • Full complement of Serv-U's mobile and web interfaces
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support

Adapts to Your Network

  • External partners can connect to Gateway while internal employees continue to connect directly to Serv-U
  • Different gateways can be deployed in different DMZs or other protected zones
  • You pick which services and address are live on each Gateway

Leverages Your Infrastructure

  • No processor or core limits
  • Native 64-bit applications maximize performance
  • Supports deployment on virtualized nodes (e.g., VMware vMotion)
  • When clustered, fronted by the network load balancer of your choice
  • Runs on Windows Server 2008R2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other Windows and Linux operating systems

Next Steps

Download: Architecture Guide | Spec Sheet | Trial - Schedule a Consultation - Ask Question

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