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If you use the default ports for each protocol on Serv-U, you will set up the following rules on your firewall. Note that most of these ports are configurable(see below) and that you can also set up multiple listeners for each protocol. To see...

Setting up Serv-U to allow for SSL-encrypted connections is very easy. Serv-U supports self-signed certificates created directly, or third party certificates from Certificate Authorities such as Verisign, Thawte, Geotrust and RapidSSL. Using SSL, Serv-U...

Sometimes Internet Service Providers (ISPs) prevent their customers from running FTP servers by preventing access on the FTP port, number 21. They "listen" to the traffic on this port and disable directory listings or file transfers, or they disable...

Various antivirus vendors have listed Serv-U as a "potentially unwanted application", as a "virus", or as a "trojan horse" - all different names for types of "malware", or software that can damage your system. The files normally detected as malware...

Accessing resources outside a user's home directory can be difficult on an FTP server. By default it requires a user know a significant amount about the directory structure of the server, and an administrator may not wish to add that level of complexity....

When Serv-U is configured correctly but the network is not configured correctly it is common to find that users inside your network can see files and folders without problems, while users outside your network are unable to view files or folders. The...

Installing on Windows? See this article instead. Downloading Serv-U Evaluators: Download the latest version from our public download page. Existing Customers: Sign on to the Customer Service Center to download your software and Registration IDs....

We recommend that you download our free and fully functional Serv-U trials and perform a proof-of-concept in your own environment before deploying to production. Limited support is available during any Serv-U trial. Minimum Hardware Most...

Enabling Remote Administration In Serv-U Serv-U MFT Server allows individual users to be configured as administrators and perform system updates from anywhere they have access to a web browser. To enable remote administration, first create an HTTP/HTTPS...

This error occurs when the option "Block FTP_Bounce attacks" is enabled and the client requests that the server connect to a different IP address for a data transfer than the client's public IP address. In most cases, this means that the client is...

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