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Using Passive (PASV) Mode in FTP Voyager  -  KB Article #1024

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One of the most commonly encountered issues when using FTP is the inability of the client and the server to exchange data due to incorrectly configured firewalls or routers. If you are able to connect to the server but then the connection hangs before a list of files and folders is displayed, enabling "PASV" mode in FTP Voyager may resolve your issue. To enable PASV mode for your connections:

WARNING: The following directions apply to old versions of FTP Voyager, specifically those before version 15. To read directions for current versions, please see the "FTP Voyager Hangs During Directory Listing, Upload or Download" article on thwack.

  1. Start FTP Voyager.
  2. Select "Cancel" in the Site Profile Manager.
  3. Select "View" and then "Options".
  4. Select "Connection" and then add a checkmark to the "Use PASV for all sites" option.

After making the above changes, attempt to connect again - the connection should complete.