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Serv-U Welcome Message Text  -  KB Article #1026

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By default the current version of Serv-U displays the following to FTP Clients when they login.

“Serv-U FTP Server vx.x ready...”

For various reasons, it may be prudent to change this message. Most commonly, administrators will need to change this message because many IT security frameworks such as COBIT, ISO 17799, and others require that server banners not display the version of software installed. To make this change, the FTP settings of the domain must be changed using the directions below, and the variable list available at Knowledge Base Article #1057.

  • Navigate to Domain Limits and Settings | FTP Settings
  • Select "Use Custom Settings" (if not already selected) and select "Global Properties"
  • In the FTP Responses tab, select Code 220 and select "Edit"
  • Stripping out the $ServerVersionShort variable will remove the version of Serv-U - it is possible to change this response to anything you wish.

WARNING: If you change the welcome message, some FTP clients, such as FTP Voyager, may not recognize the server as a Serv-U server, thereby disabling some of the special features available when using FTP Voyager and Serv-U together.