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Running FTP Voyager Scheduler as a System Service  -  KB Article #1039

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FTP Voyager Scheduler can be configured to run as a system service via the FTP Voyager Scheduler tray icon. To do so, log on to Windows and right click on the FTP Voyager Scheduler Tray to display the Tray options (if the Tray is not visible, it can be opened from the "All Programs" portion of the Start Menu in Windows).

Context menu for FTP Voyager Scheduler Tray

Once the options are displayed, checkbox the "Start Scheduler as Service" option to stop Scheduler, install it as a system service, and start it under the new context.

Older Versions (FTP Voyager and Previous Versions

FTP Voyager Scheduler and previous can be configured to run as a system service by checking the box under View | Options | General | Run as a System Service. It is important to note that if you did not select this option at installation, you will need to uninstall and reinstall FTP Voyager before this will work properly. Instructions for backing up FTP Voyager settings can be found in KB article 1189

View | Options | General

View | Options | General