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Serv-U Tray Icon Shows Warning / Cannot Bring Domain Online  -  KB Article #1051

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Serv-U Tray Icon Flashes Warning

If the Serv-U Tray Icon displays a flashing yellow warning icon as shown below, there are three possible causes.

One is that one or more of the Listeners configured in Serv-U are not operating properly due to a socket conflict, another is that a listener is configured with an incorrect IP address, and the last is that Serv-U is experiencing a licensing conflict. To check which listener is experiencing the conflict, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Domain Details | Listeners screen
  • Check to see which Listeners show the warning icon - these are the Listeners which are not operating

There are three main causes and resolutions for a Listener error, and they can be resolved using the steps below.

  • Problem: The Listener is conflicting with another Listener or service on the server.
  • Solution: Check for other Listeners or applications (such as Microsoft's IIS FTP server) sharing the same IP address and port combination (socket), or change the Listener's listening IP address or port number to avoid the conflict.
  • Problem: The Listener is configured on an IP address that is not assigned to a local network interface card (NIC).
  • Solution: Edit the Listener and use the drop-down list for "IP Address" to select an IP address that is available. "All available..." is recommended when possible to avoid future conflicts in case of IP address or network changes.
  • Problem: A listener is enabled that is not supported by the license installed on Serv-U.
  • Solution: Firstly, determine which license has been purchased by navigating to "Server Details | License Information". Serv-U FTP Server supports FTP, FTPS, and HTTP. Serv-U MFT Server additionally supports SFTP and HTTPS. To resolve the issue, either delete the Listener in "Domain Details | Listeners" or upgrade to Serv-U MFT Server. See "Disabling The Interfering Application" for information on resolving this issue.

Disabling The Interfering Application

The first solution is to find the application already using the desired Serv-U port and disable or reconfigure it. If you are running an NT-based OS (Windows 2000 Server editions, Windows XP Pro, or Windows Server 2003), you might want to see if you are running IIS. IIS includes an "FTP Publishing Service" that is enabled by default. Check your "Services" under Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools for "FTP Publishing Service" or "Windows FTP Service". If it's present and started, double-click on the service, click Stop, then select "Disabled" from the drop-down box.