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Configuring Serv-U With An SSL Certificate  -  KB Article #1053

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Setting up Serv-U to allow for SSL-encrypted connections is very easy. Serv-U supports self-signed certificates created directly, or third party certificates from Certificate Authorities such as Verisign, Thawte, Geotrust and RapidSSL. Using SSL, Serv-U supports FTPS (FTP secured over SSL) in Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U MFT Server, and HTTPS (HTTP secured over SSL) in Serv-U MFT Server only.

Configuring Serv-U for FTPS and HTTPS

  • Navigate to the Domain Details | Listeners menu and ensure that an FTPS or HTTPS listener is entered. If it is not, click on "Add" and add the appropriate listener
  • Navigate to Limits & Settings | Create and specify SSL and SSH...

  • Specify the details requested in the "SSL Certificate" menu
    • The "Certificate Path" is the path to your .crt certificate file
    • The "Private Key Path" is the path to your .key private key file
    • The "Password" is the password you selected to protect your private key
    • If you have Serv-U MFT Server the "CA (Certificate Authority) Certificate Path" allows you to specify a .pem file for the Intermediate Certificate if required by your CA.

  • Click Save, and make sure your FTPS and/or HTTPS listener(s) are configured

NOTE: If you have received a signed certificate from a verified certificate authority, instead of creating a certificate you can specify the .crt certificate file path and the .key private key file path by using the "Browse" buttons on this page.

NOTE: if your FTP Client can connect with a regular session, but not with SSL enabled then we would recommend checking if there are any NAT enabled device between the FTP Client and Serv-U. The NAT translation is not able to understand the encrypted data being sent between the client and server and thus corrupts the data connection. Currently the only work arounds are to disable the NAT functionality or move Serv-U or the FTP Client in front of the NAT enabled device.

CA Instructions

Some CAs have published specific instructions on their sites or KBs to help you install their certificates in Serv-U. A list of those is included below.

If you are a CA or would like your CA's instructions included here, please tell us!