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Registering Serv-U  -  KB Article #1054

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Registering Serv-U allows you to take full advantage of the features of your license and to continue using it past the 14-day trial period.

Registering Serv-U

  1. Open the Serv-U Management Console.
  2. Navigate to "Server Details | View information about and configure the current license."

  3. Scroll down and click the "Enter License ID..." button.
  4. Paste your alphanumeric Registration ID string into the "Registration ID" field, then click "Save."

Please also use these instructions to apply a commercial Serv-U registration ID that authorizes FTP Voyager JV.

Registering Serv-U Gateway

  1. Open the Serv-U Management Console and browse to "Server Details | Gateway".
  2. Select an existing Serv-U Gateway entry (or create one if necessary) and ensure that it is connected your Serv-U Gateway.
  3. Click the "Properties..." button to open your existing Serv-U Gateway's "Properties" dialog.
  4. Copy your Serv-U Gateway Registration ID (not your Serv-U Registration ID) into the box then click "Save".