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Allowing FTP Clients to Change their Passwords  -  KB Article #1056

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Serv-U has the ability to allow users to change their passwords via the SITE PSWD command or via the Web Client. To enable password changes and change a password, follow the steps below:

Enabling Password Changes

To allow users to change their passwords, the option must first be enabled through the Limits and Settings dialogue. The option can be enabled at the user, group, domain, or server level. For example, if the option is enabled at the user level, only that user account will be able to change its password. If enabled at the domain level, all domain users will be able to change their password. To enable this option, first navigate to the appropriate Limits and Settings tab and follow the steps below:

  • From the Limit Type menu, select "Password"
  • Click "Add", then select "Allow users to change password"
  • Checkbox the "Allow users..." option, and select "Save"
  • If necessary, open the "Advanced" menu and define what times and days users should be permitted to change their password. For example, the setting can be defined to only allow password changes Monday through Friday during normal business hours by unchecking the Saturday and Sunday options and setting the times to 9 AM and 5 PM

Changing The Password

Once the option is enabled, the client softare will then have to send the command in the format below to change their password. Few FTP clients support this command at this time. FTP Voyager is one of the few - to change a password using FTP Voyager, select Tools | Custom Commands | Change password.

The Serv-U Web Client also integrates the ability to change the user account password - to do so, select the "Change Password" button in the top toolbar and enter the old and new passwords.

Other Password Parameters

Enforcing password policies can be difficult, especially when a balance must be struck between simple, easy-to-guess passwords and the long complex ones that inevitably end up on sticky notes on the sides of monitors. To customize these requirements, Serv-U 7.0+ adds these Password settings: Minimum Password Length, Automatically Expire Passwords (select how often passwords must be changed), and Require Complex Passwords (requires an alphanumeric password with at least one capital letter). To configure these, simply "Add" these settings and configure the desired setting.



This extension is for changing the user's password via a FTP client program. Normally FTP does not allow the user to change their password. If the user has sufficient privileges this will make life easier for the system administrator by leaving password changes up to the user. The syntax is:

SITE PSWD "oldpassword" "newpassword"
The passwords may alternatively be enclosed by quotes. This can be useful in case one of the passwords contains spaces.

The command line FTP client also lets you use this command by using it via a Tool option. For instructions on how to do this, see KB#1031.