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Serv-U Add-ons  -  KB Article #1061

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Serv-U 6.x and prior versions supported add-ons which allowed programmers to extend the functionality of Serv-U in specialized environments. This allowed administrators to add functionality to Serv-U that did not exist natively in the application, greatly extending the purpose and place of Serv-U.

In Serv-U 7.0 and 8.0, a redesigned core architecture made it impossible to maintain backwards compatibility with the old Serv-U API. Old add-ons for Serv-U did not work with these two versions. In Serv-U 8, the new Events Architecture implemented many of the needs formerly met by the add-ons but did not cover the additional option of custom programming.

As of Serv-U 9.0, the Serv-U API has been reintroduced as an even more powerful interface to Serv-U's extensive feature set. It has been re-worked to expose more of Serv-U's core operations and do so in an easier-to-understand fashion than the previous Serv-U API. Each installation of Serv-U includes a folder usually located in C:\Program Files\\Serv-U\Serv-U Integration Sample DLL (unless a nonstandard Serv-U installation directory was chosen). This directory contains an example DLL and heavily commented code to show the use of each function exposed by the API.

Add-ons created for Serv-U 6.x and prevoius are available at the following URL: