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Configuring AllegroSurf for E-Mail  -  KB Article #1070

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Once AllegroSurf is set up, it becomes your route to the Internet. All connections outside of your network must first go to AllegroSurf.

  1. Open AllegroSurf by double-clicking on its icon in the taskbar.
  2. Select the "Servers" menu. AllegroSurf will show you all the protocols that it currently has installed on it. One of these is called POP3 Proxy Server.
    Main proxy list
  3. Double click on the POP3 Proxy Server and click on the POP3 tab in the window that is opened.
  4. Make sure that "Send non-proxy requests through" is checked and enter your ISP's mail server in the box below it (i.e. "") and the Port number.
    Sending requests
  5. Now you must bind this protocol to your network to avoid anyone from attempting to use your mail server from outside AllegroSurf. Go to the Bind tab and click on "Allow connection from ONLY this IP Address." Enter the IP Address of the server's computer in the box. AllegroSurf will only send requests to your mail server that have routed through the server computer.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the SMTP Mapping Proxy Server which is also found under the Proxy Servers menu.

Now that the server is setup, the mail clients on your network's client computers must also be setup to use AllegroSurf in order to collect their mail.

  1. Start your mail client and enter the setup screen where you specify your server names, username, and password.
  2. Change the POP3 and SMTP server names to the IP Address of your AllegroSurf server. Make sure to also change the Port numbers to the corresponding ones you gave AllegroSurf.
  3. Your username must also be modified. At the end of your user name, enter a '#' (the delimiter character specified in the AllegroSurf Proxy Server POP3 Proxy setup) followed by your ISP's mail server (i.e. "").
  4. Apply these changes and continue collecting your mail as usual.