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Making P2P Software Work Behind AllegroSurf  -  KB Article #1073

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In most cases P2P software supports the SOCKS protocol. Generally this is the easiest way to setup the P2P software to recognize the internet connection from behind AllegroSurf. All you should have to do is enable the P2P software to use a SOCKS connection. Then in the field provided in the P2P software enter the IP Address of the AllegroSurf server (usually on port 1080.

If the software you're trying to configure supports only SOCKS4, then you may also need to configure the client computer's DNS settings to use the AllegroSurf server for DNS. If that is the case, simply enter the AllegroSurf server's IP address in as a DNS server in Windows.

The DNS proxy server needs to be configured to forward DNS requests to the DNS server you currently use.