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Serv-U was Installed by a Hacker or Virus  -  KB Article #1098

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Some hackers, viruses and trojans have been known to use Serv-U, especially older editions of Serv-U (e.g., v2.5 or v6) as part of their illegal activity. If your machine has been compromised and an illegal copy of Serv-U is present, we recommend that you consult with your security team (they may ask you to reinstall).

To keep a cracked edition of Serv-U from running, we suggest shutting down all the services you can and stopping all Serv-U programs (e.g., from Task Manager). Then search for files that contain the text "Serv-U" or files like "ServU*.*" or "Serv-U*.*" on your computer and delete them. Note that if your machine has been compromised, a hacker or virus may put these files back, so please still consult with your local security team!

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