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Unable to Connect to Server (WSAEINVAL)  -  KB Article #1112

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You may get this error with FTP Voyager or AllegroSurf. If you do you should check the server you're trying to connect to, making sure that it is active, and that the domain name is entered correctly.

Check Using Ping
  • Open a command prompt (Start | Run | cmd (for Windows 2000 or newer) or command (Win ME or older)).
  • Enter "PING" without the quotes where "" is the name of the server you're connecting to.
  • If PING reports "Unknown host" the domain name is unavailable.
Check Using whois
  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to
  • Enter the domain name of the server you want to use.
  • Review the whois record, which may or may not be available for the domain name.
In general, when this error appears, it means that your computer cannot connect to the requested computer, or there's a problem with the domain name. It's quite common to enter a domain name incorrectly, so be sure to check this information.