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All Sites are Banned when using AllegroSurf  -  KB Article #1113

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If all sites are blocked, banned, or forbidden when you try to visit sites using the AllegroSurf proxy server, you have probably banned all sites, except for ones in your "Approved Sites" list. To correct this problem:
  • Start the AllegroSurf Engine if not already started.
  • Double click on the AllegroSurf icon in your system tray to bring up AllegroSurf Voyager (the administration tool to modify settings).
  • Select and open "Filtering".
  • Select "Approved Sites".
  • Double click on the first site listed here.
  • In the "Approved Site" dialog box, select the "Exception URL" check box.
  • Select the "Ignore case" check box.
  • Save your changes.
  • Repeat these steps for each site listed.

Approved Sites

The "Approved Sites" list works in two ways:
  • Allow ONLY Sites - when not using the "Exception URL" check mark, then ONLY sites listed here will be viewable. This is used when you want only particular sites accessible by your client computers.

  • Exceptions to Filtering - when using the "Exception URL" check mark, these sites are excluded from the content filtering rules you have defined.