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Server Responds with a "552 Transfer aborted" or "451" Error  -  KB Article #1116

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When uploading to a server, the server can return many different error messages depending on certain conditions. When you run out of space on your account, the server can return the following error:

552 Transfer aborted. Disk quota exceeded
-- or --
451 Append/Restart not permitted, try again.

When you see this error, it is coming from your server, not from FTP Voyager. FTP Voyager simply displays this message to you. The meaning is that your account on the server has exceeded the amount of data that you're allowed to have.

When this error occurs, you can:

  • Contact your server administrator - Contact your ISP or server administrator. You can probably purchase more disk space, or get advice on what to delete from your account.
  • Delete unused files - A common problem with computers is that files that are no longer in use or needed remain on the computer's hard drive. To free up space on the server's hard drive, locate the files that you're not using anymore and delete them.

If you need more information about this error, you should contact your FTP server administrator or ISP.