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Approving Certain Sites to Bypass AllegroSurf Filtering  -  KB Article #1120

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One way to allow certain sites to bypass filtering is to create "Exception URLs" for these sites. To create "Exception URLs" for approved sites, do the following:
  • Open AllegroSurf Voyager.
  • Select the "Filtering" item.
  • Select "Approved Sites"
  • Right mouse click in the right side, then select "New".
  • Enter the site name and information
  • Select "Exception URL" to bypass filtering for this site.
NOTE: Wildcards are not required here when using exception URL sites. For example allows anything at

The "Approved Sites" list works in two ways:
  • Allow ONLY Sites - when not using the "Exception URL" check mark, then ONLY sites listed here will be viewable. This is used when you want only particular sites accessible by your client computers.

  • Exceptions to Filtering - when using the "Exception URL" check mark, these sites are excluded from the content filtering rules you have defined.

Configuring allowed sites
An alternate method exists if certain types of filtering for a site is still desired. Follow these instructions to maintain some filtering on a site:
  • Open AllegroSurf Voyager.
  • Select "Filtering | Site Filter Settings".
  • Right mouse click in the list, and then select "New..."
  • In the Filter from Site dialog, enter the domain name or IP address of the site.
  • Remove the undesired filtering for the site by clearing the gray check marks.
  • When complete press the OK button.