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FTP Voyager and FtpTree ActiveX Version Numbers Don't Match  -  KB Article #1136

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This error appears when starting FTP Voyager and is usually because of two possible reasons:
  • Downgrading - The FTP Voyager installation may have been "downgraded" from a newer version. In that case, the FtpTree.ocx file may be newer than the version of FTP Voyager.
  • Missing FtpTree.ocx - FTP Voyager's FTP engine, FtpTree.ocx. may not be installed in the Windows System directory or may not be registered in Windows registry.

FtpTree.ocx is located in the Windows System directory. In Windows 9x/Me installations the location is normally C:\Windows\System. In Windows NT/2000/XP it is normally found in C:\WinNT\System32. To correct the problem follow these steps:

  • Delete FtpTree.ocx from C:\Windows\System --or-- C:\WinNT\System32
  • Reinstall the desired version of FTP Voyager. The FTP Voyager installation program will correctly register and install FtpTree.ocx.

Another common problem is not having Administrator rights when installing FTP Voyager. When you install FTP Voyager be sure your user has administrative rights so that FtpTree.ocx may be installed to the correct location.