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Banning Specific Files  -  KB Article #1141

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Serv-U directory access rules are normally used to control access to whole directories. However, Serv-U Directory Access rules can also be used to ban specific file types. To set this up on a per user basis you will select the "Dir Access" tab for a specific user. For example, enter a file type like *.mp3 or *.exe in a new Directory Access rule, then uncheck all the access rules on the right associated with that file type. The rule will then deny permission to any transfer of files with the .mp3 extension. These rules can be modified to reflect any file extension. Make sure you list these new Dir Access rules on the top of the list - the list order is critical in making the rule base work properly.

These types of rules can even be used to force only files with extensions (like .jpg, .mp3, .avi) to be displayed and hide files without extensions. To do this, first create an allow rule for *.*, then create a deny rule for * in that order ahead of the directory access rule for the home directory. The order would be:

  • *.* = Full Permission
  • * = No Permission
  • %HOME% = List Permission, Inherit

After the same is done for the aforementioned .exe extension, the final result will be:

Folder names can also be blocked using the same methods.

  • %HOME%\DirectoryName = NoPermission
  • %HOME%\ = Full Permission