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Using Custom Commands  -  KB Article #1149

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Custom commands are a great tool that you can use to set certain parameters or details of a particular server. Custom commands should be used with care. To create a custom command:
  • Start FTP Voyager
  • Connect to a site
  • Go into "Tools | Custom Commands | Define"
  • In the Custom Command dialog, enter the custom command.
  • Select the "Help" button for specific information about the dialog.

To run a Custom Command:
  • Right mouse click in the remote list
  • Select the custom command under the "Commands" menu selection.
  • Enter any required parameters that you have defined.
In addition to manually running custom commands you can define Custom Commands that are run when you connect to the site:
  • Start FTP Voyager
  • In the Site Profile Manager select the "Advanced" button.
  • Select the "Custom Commands" category
  • Create your Custom Command as detailed above.
When FTP Voyager connects to the site, it will execute each command defined here.