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Upgrading to the Latest Version of Serv-U  -  KB Article #1154

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The easiest way to check for updates to any RhinoSoft product or to retrieve the proper version of the software is our Customer Service Center. If you may be switching editions or your edition has been retired, please consult our editions KB before upgrading. Upgrade compatibility is detailed below:

Upgrading From Serv-U 7.0 Or Newer

Upgrading from Serv-U 7.0 or newer is a simple procedure. The new version of Serv-U can be installed directly without the need to install any intermediary builds. Follow these steps:

  • Backup your old Serv-U settings. (Instructions)
  • Download the licensed version of Serv-U from our customer support page to a temporary directory.
  • Start the downloaded installation program.
  • When prompted, install Serv-U over the top of the existing version.

After installation Serv-U will be ready to run. The original settings should be carried over from the previous installation.

Upgrading From Serv-U 3.0 to 6.4

Customers upgrading from these versions of Serv-U must first upgrade to a build of Serv-U from Serv-U 7 to before proceeding on to further upgrades. If you do not have access to one of these Serv-U versions, you can contact our Support Team for help in updating the files to the new format.

Upgrading From Serv-U 2.5

Customers upgrading from this legacy version of Serv-U must send their configuration files to RhinoSoft Support to be upgraded to the new format in order to save their users and settings. The update from Serv-U 2.5 requires a special internal utility in order to save users and settings. This affects only Serv-U 2.5 customers - all other customers can upgrade directly to the current Serv-U release with no other steps needed.