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Connecting to a Server in Another Time Zone  -  KB Article #1161

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FTP Voyager and FTP Voyager Scheduler are capable of managing different time zones. For example you can connect to a computer in India from Texas USA, and show the date and time of files in folders in the time of Texas.

To set the time zone difference:

  • Start FTP Voyager.
  • In the Site Profile Manager, select or create the site profile.
  • Press the "Advanced" button in the Site Profile Manager.
  • Select the "General" category.
  • Select the time difference in the "Server Location (time zone of the server)" field.

Site Profile | Advanced | General

Entering a positive number adds time to the file, entering a negative number subtracts hours from the file. This is especially useful when using Synchronize Folders, ensuring the file date and time stamps remain constant.

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