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Configuring Anonymous Access In Serv-U  -  KB Article #1167

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"Anonymous" is the name of a user account in an FTP server which allows any user to log on and access files as decided by the server administrators. While most servers do not provide an anonymous account, servers which host files which should be available for public download (such as patches or new versions of public documents) may provide one for users.

By default, Serv-U does not include an "Anonymous" account after initial installation - this ensures that maximum security is achieved out of the box. Follow the following instructions to enable or disable Anonymous access in Serv-U:

Enabling Anonymous Access

  1. Start the Serv-U Management Console (or Serv-U Administrator for Serv-U 6.x and previous).
  2. Create a new user as described at Knowledge Base Article #1042.
  3. Name the user Anonymous, and leave the password blank
  4. Grant the user access to any folders desired
  5. Save the user account

As a security configuration, it is considered advisable to only allow the Anonymous user "Read" and "List" access to their directory - if Write access is granted, anyone will be able to access the server to share files, making it a prime target for sharing of copyrighted or illegal material. Named user accounts should be used if users need to be able to write files.

Disabling Anonymous Access

  1. Find the Anonymous account in your user list (making sure to check Global Users and Database Users if applicable)
  2. Disable or delete the Anonymous user account

Once the Anonymous user account is no longer accessible, anonymous individuals will no longer be able to access your server unless they have valid credentials as defined by the Serv-U server administrator.

NOTE: With an account named "anonymous" in the server, the username "ftp" will also be accepted for anonymous access using the anonymous account unless there is another account on the server called "ftp", in which case the settings for the "ftp" account take precedence.