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No Data is Available for User and Site Reports  -  KB Article #1168

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In order for AllegroSurf to display or calculate the WWW Site Reports or the WWW User Reports data must first be logged for the users you're interested in monitoring. AllegroSurf 5.0 does NOT use the proxy logs. To enable logging or auditing for users:
  • Open AllegroSurf Voyager by double clicking on the icon in the system tray.
  • Select and open "Users and Groups".
  • Select "Users".
  • In the right hand pane, double click on the first user you want to monitor.
  • In the user dialog, select the "Auditing" tab.
  • Enable auditing (logging) for this user. To learn specifically which items to log for the desired report, press Help or the F1 key.
  • Press the "OK" button when complete
  • Repeat for each desired user.

Configuring logging

When complete and users have visited web sites with their web browsers, you may select the desired reports.