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File Times are Being Displayed as 00:00 or are Non-existent  -  KB Article #1180

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Dates being displayed as 00:00 is a function of UNIX directory listings. Serv-U (like most Windows FTP servers) list directories in the same way as UNIX. A UNIX directory listing won't show the time stamp of the file if the file is greater than 6 months old. Some Windows servers mistakenly disregard the time stamp when the year changes.

Most FTP clients don't take advantage of some Serv-U extensions modeled after BSD UNIX. The "-T" LIST (LIST -T) parameter. FTP Voyager, on the other hand, automatically recognizes a Serv-U server and uses this parameter automatically ensuring complete and full directory listings, down to the second.

If FTP Voyager doesn't automatically issue the "LIST -T" command, you may have changed the Serv-U welcome message from its default value. Set the Serv-U welcome message back to the default.

FTP Voyager allows you to specify this extra parameter if you're connecting to a BSD compatible UNIX style server. To enter this value for non-Serv-U servers:

  • Start FTP Voyager
  • Select the site in the Site Profile Manager.
  • Select the "Advanced" button.
  • Select the "Connection" category.
  • Add "-T" in the "Extra LIST parameters" field (do not add the quotes). See KB 1094 for more information.

NOTE: some servers will not accept the "-T" parameter and can fail directory listings. If that is the case, remove the parameter specified above.