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Creating an Upload Folder in Serv-U  -  KB Article #1209

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Creating An Upload Folder In Serv-U

Using the Dir Access rules in Serv-U you can create one specific folder for your users to upload to. One important thing to remember when setting this up is that the Dir Access rules in Serv-U are applied in a top down fashion.

To setup a specific upload folder in Serv-U:

  • Navigate to the Directory Access level you wish to edit (Server, Domain, Group, or User)
  • Create a new Directory Access rule which grants Write/Append access to the specific folder that upload access should be granted to
  • Save the rule, then move it above the first directory access rule

For example, if a user's home directory is C:\ftproot to which he is only granted Read/List access, but he needs upload access to C:\ftproot\upload, create a rule which grants Read/Write/Append/List to C:\ftproot\upload and move it above the C:\ftproot rule as shown below:

Setting upload folder in SU7