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Setting Up Multiple Domains in Serv-U  -  KB Article #1216

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Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U MFT Server allow administrators to configure and deploy multiple unique "domains". In Serv-U, a domain is a collection of users and groups that share in common limits and configuration options, as well as specific ports to connect to. This allows for greater functionality on systems with multiple IP Addresses. To configure a second domain, click "New Domain" from either the top toolbar in the Serv-U Management Console or from the Change Domain / Manage Domain windows.

If the computer running Serv-U has only one IP address, the only way to setup multiple domains is to configure each listener on each domain to listen on a different port to prevent listener conflicts.

In most cases multiple domains are not required in Serv-U. Each user account can be configured within a single domain to have a unique home directory. This will allow user access to be limited to a specific area. To the FTP client, each individual user account will look like a dedicated FTP server.