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Upgrading to the Latest AllegroSurf  -  KB Article #1224

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The easiest way to check for updates to any RhinoSoft product is our Customer Service Center.

Updating to the latest version of AllegroSurf is very easy. Follow these instructions for safe upgrading:

  • Check whether or not your registration ID works with the latest version:
    • Start AllegroSurf Voyager
    • Select "Help | Check for AllegroSurf Update".
    • The web page that appears tells you whether or not your eligable.
    • If you need to purchase an update, visit
  • Locate your installtion directory for AllegroSurf (default C:\Program Files\\AllegroSurf).
  • Make a copy of your entire installation directory.
  • Download the latest copy from: to a temporary directory on your computer.
  • Start the installation program and install over the top of the existing copy.

After the installation procedure completes, your computer will have the latest version of AllegroSurf installed.