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Installing Serv-U in a Clustered Environment  -  KB Article #1228

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For an overview of Serv-U cluster support, please refer to: or our Distributed Architecture Guide.

New Serv-U Cluster

To set up a new Serv-U cluster, you should follow these general instructions.

  1. Set up Serv-U on one server.
  2. Connect it to at least one NAS or Windows share for shared storage.
  3. Connect it to Active Directory or an external database for shared authentication.
  4. (You may need to set Serv-U to run as a Service under a particular user account to complete the previous two steps.)
  5. Create a new Serv-U user and use variables to point to its shared storage location. (This user will authenticate through AD or the external DB, of course.)
  6. Clone that user and use the clone as the template for additional users.
  7. Apply all SSL certificates and SSH keys. (Ideally, these will also be kept on your shared storage to avoid extra duplications.)
  8. Configure all server- and domain-level settings such as listeners, lockouts and other general preferences.
  9. Set up Serv-U on your other nodes.
  10. Perform a backup/restore as detailed in KB Article #1047 on each server.
  11. Add some more users (using the template you created above, of course)
  12. Ensure you can connect, authenticate and transfer files to each node using all your new users
  13. Once you are satisfied with your connectivity, roll into production.

Existing Serv-U Cluster

If you make significant, system-wide changes (including adding new domains) to Serv-U, you should perform steps #10-13 again to make sure your system settings stay synchronized.