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Incorrect Reporting of the Internet Connection Status  -  KB Article #1239

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If DNS4Me is setup behind any traditional router (one that does not support NAT) or proxy server you must configure DNS4Me to recognize this connection. Assuming your router or proxy server supports SOCKS5 connection then configure DNS4Me as follows.

  1. Open DNS4Me
  2. Expand the "Options" area
  3. Select the "Proxy Settings" area
  4. Switch the drop down "Proxy Server Type" to read "SOCKS5 Proxy"
  5. Enter the internal IP Address of the proxy server in the "Proxy Server Address" field.
  6. The default port for SOCKS5 should be 1080.
  7. Finally click on the "Test Proxy" button.

If you receive the message "Successfully connected to SOCKS5 Proxy Server" you are configured correctly. DNS4Me now reports the correct internet status.