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Using DNS4Me From Behind a Non-SOCKS Proxy Server  -  KB Article #1241

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These settings are available for users who are behind proxy servers or firewalls that do not support NAT or SOCKS. To use DNS4Me on this type of network configuration, select the "Use the server settings specified below" radio button and enter your proxy server or firewall’s IP address and an available port that you can connect on.

Add a "TCP Mapping" to your proxy server or firewall. This map should point to "" on port 1206. This causes all connections to the proxy or firewall on the port you specified to be forwarded to the DNS4Me server.

Configuring the DNS4Me server is only for advanced users. Please do not change these settings unless directed by RhinoSoft technical support or your network administrator.

More details on creating a TCP Map can be found in Knowledge Base Article 1244.

The default values of the DNS4Me Server dialog are as follows:

  • Connect to the default DNS4Me server (recommended): Enabled
  • Hostname or IP address:
  • Port: 1206