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Configuring DNS4Me with a TCP Map  -  KB Article #1244

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Configuring DNS4Me to work behind a proxy server or firewall without SOCKS or NAT support requires setting up a TCP map. A TCP map is basically a proxy that forwards the data that it receives to a specific destination. In this case, you want a TCP map that accepts the DNS4Me client data and forwards it to the DNS4Me servers.

This example shows how to setup a TCP map using the AllegroSurf proxy server. Your proxy server or firewall setup may be different, but the concept remains the same. Consult your software/hardware documentation for specifics.

  1. Open the AllegroSurf Voyager application. Click on Servers. Select New from the Edit menu and create a TCP Mapping Proxy Server.
  2. Give your proxy server a name and a brief description.
  3. Ensure the box labeled Accept connections on port is checked. In the box, enter an available port number (preferably above 1024) such as 5353. You need this port number to configure the DNS4Me client.
  4. Uncheck the box labeled Enable filtering. Your dialog now looks similar to this:

    AllegroSurf TcP Map General Settings
  5. Click on TCP Mapping to configure the destination address and port of this proxy.
  6. In the box labeled Server, enter "" (without the quotes) and enter the number 1206 in the Port field. Your dialog now looks like this:

    AllegroSurf TCP Map Destination Settings
  7. Click OK to create the TCP Map proxy server.
  8. Run the DNS4Me client and select the DNS4Me Server dialog.
  9. Select the button labeled Use the server settings specified below. In the Hostname or IP address field, enter the name or IP address of your proxy server. For the Port field, use the port number you gave to the TCP map in AllegroSurf (5353 in this example). The information you entered should look like this:

    DNS4Me Configured for TCP Map
  10. Click on Status to view the Status dialog. If the TCP map is properly configured, you can now set your DNS4Me domains online!