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Configuring Xeneo Web Server with DNS4Me  -  KB Article #1245

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Xeneo Web Server With the rapid expansion of the broadband networks, more and more consumers are able to host their own web site. This tutorial explains how to quickly configure your PC to host your own web site using Xeneo Web Server and DNS4Me.

This article explains how to configure Xeneo Web Server to work with DNS4Me.

  1. Download and install the DNS4Me client. Sign-up for DNS4Me service.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet (the DNS4Me client can detect this). Ensure that your DNS4Me domain is online. The DNS4Me client looks like this when your domains are online:

  3. Download the latest release of the Xeneo Web Server software.
  4. Launch the Xeneo Web Server Installation. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation.
  5. Test your configuration... open your browser and type in your DNS4Me domain name, for example: The Xeneo Web Server splash page should appear in your browser.
  6. To add more than one domain to Xeneo Web Server, click the New button to create a new web site. The "New Site" dialog will prompt you for a domain name. To verify that the domain name is registered in DNS, click the resolve button. Regardless of whether you explicitly resolve the domain name, Xeneo Web Server will perform this check automatically when you click the OK button. If the domain name cannot be resolved or it resolves to a name that is not hosted on your computer, you will be warned, but may continue. If you choose to continue with site creation for an invalid domain name, the site will not accept requests until you resolve the DNS issues.

NOTE: Xeneo Web Server must be restarted before a new site will begin accepting requests. Click the Restart button on the Server Control tab, or click the Restart menu item on the tray icon menu.