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Running a Web Server on a Different Port  -  KB Article #1247

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When configuring a web server you should always have an option to select what port number you want the web server to listen on. In some cases ISPs block traditional ports like 80. In cases like this you would want to configure your Web Server to listen on a different port. In the example below you will see an install of Xeneo Web Server. It is currently setup to run on port 8080.

In order for a web browser to connect to this server you would normally have to specify the port number as a part of the URL, such as, since web browsers assume that everything is on port 80 otherwise. However, this is not necessary when using DNS4Me since it can perform this redirect for you!

To enable this redirect, browse to the "Online Settings" dialog in your DNS4Me client. Towards the bottom, check the box labeled "Enable Web redirects for www subdomain" and select the "Redirect to alternate port" option. Enter the alternate port number you've setup your HTTP server on (default is 8080).

DNS4Me Port Redirect

Now when you go to (if you have a DNS4Me subdomain) or (if you have a primary domain), DNS4Me will automatically redirect the HTTP request to the alternate port number.