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Configuring IIS with DNS4Me  -  KB Article #1252

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Internet Information Services (IIS) is included with the Windows NT/2k/XP Pro operating systems and is a very popular HTTP server. Configuring it to work with DNS4Me is simple!

  1. Download and install the DNS4Me client. Sign-up for DNS4Me service.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet (the DNS4Me client can detect this). Ensure that your DNS4Me domain is online. The DNS4Me client looks like this when your domains are online:

    Online DNS4Me Domain
  3. Open the IIS management console from "Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services or Internet Services Manager".
  4. Expand the tree in the left window pane to show "Web Sites". Expand this option to "Default Web Server". Right-click on the default web server and select "Properties".
  5. On the new dialog, change the name of the Web server to the name of your choice, such as your DNS4Me domain name.
  6. If you want the web server to run on a different port instead of the standard Port 80, change the number in the field labeled "TCP Port".
  7. The Properties dialog now looks similar to this:

    IIS Properties
  8. Click on the button labeled "Advanced". Select the "Default" entry in the top window and click the "Edit" button.
  9. In the box labeled "Host Header Name:", enter your DNS4Me domain name. This assigns the proper name of your HTTP server to the header field. Your dialog now looks like this:

    IIS Header Name
  10. Click "OK" to close both dialogs. IIS will probably need to restart to make the changes.