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Using DNS4Me Behind a Router  -  KB Article #1254

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DNS4Me will work behind most routers with little problems. The type of router used on your network determines the amount of configuration necessary.

If your router does NAT for your network, then there is very little configuration to be done. Leave the DNS4Me client on its default setting to automatically determine your IP address. The service is capable of determining the external IP address being used by the router.

You will also need to add some port forwarding to your router in order to get the external connections for your services forwarded to the proper internal computer. For example, if you wanted to run a Web server on a computer with a address, you need to set up the router to forward incoming TCP requests on port 80 to port 80 on

If your router operates as a DHCP server and hands out network addresses to computers dynamically, you will need to assign the computer a static internal IP address and place that address on your router's DHCP exclusion list or start your DHCP address list above it in order to prevent another computer from getting that address if the Web server computer is rebooted and relinquishes the address.

If your router does not perform NAT, the best way to get DNS4Me connected is using a TCP map. More information on TCP maps is found in Knowledge Base articles #1241 and #1244.