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No Response from Ping  -  KB Article #1255

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A common way to ensure that your DNS4Me domain is using the proper IP address is using the "ping" utility. Ping uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to test connectivity and latency between your computer and another computer. This can also be used to resolve domain names to IP addresses.

If there is a problem with the remote computer or the Internet is unable to route to the specified IP address for another reason, the results of a ping may yield the message "Request timed out".

However, a more likely reason for this message is that the IP address is being used by a router. Many of today's routers are configured by default to ignore ping requests causing the request to time out. Some router's can be configured to respond. Check your hardware documentation for more information on changing this behavior.

For the purposes of DNS4Me, as long as the domain name resolves to the proper IP address, everything is working properly. DNS4Me has no control over the results of a ping as it is done on an entirely different protocol.