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Using a Single Connection for File Transfers  -  KB Article #1270

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By default FTP Voyager establishes multiple connections for each file transfer. allows you to download files and browse directories at the same time. However, some servers may return the error "Too many connections" or similar if they only permit one connection per user.

In these cases it is useful to use only one connection for file transfers. FTP Voyager calls this Connection Saver. To enable Connection Saver for all sites:

  • Start FTP Voyager
  • Close the site profile manager
  • Select "View | Options"
  • Select "Connection"
  • Place a check mark in the "Connection Saver" field.

To enable Connection Saver for a single site:
  • Start FTP Voyager
  • In the Site Profile Manager select "Advanced"
  • In the advanced settings for your site, select "Connection".
  • Place a solid (not gray) check mark on the "Connection Saver" field

A gray check mark tells FTP Voyager to use the global setting.