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Specifying a Default Directory for a VMS Server  -  KB Article #1275

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FTP Voyager expects directory names to be specified in a UNIX style hierarchical method, each directory separated by a "/". In the case of VMS, FTP Voyager interprets directories, and formats the FTP commands appropriately.

Normally, the default directory is left blank, in which case FTP Voyager can perform navigation as expected. However, in some cases a different default directory, not based on the user's home directory, must be used.

In this case enter the VMS directory name such as
but precede it with a forward slash "/" to tell FTP Voyager it's your root directory.

In the example above, you should enter SYS$SYSROOT:[SYHLP.EXAMPLES.DECW] as the default directory, changing the directory name as needed for your particular application.