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Accessing a Different Drive or Disk on VAX VMS Systems  -  KB Article #1280

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The easiest way to gain access to another disk drive on a VAX/VMS server is to create a Folder Short Cut to the drive and folder. Follow these steps to create a Folder Short Cut:

  • Create an FTP Site Profile for your server.
  • Leave the "Default Directory" empty, or specify a known directory using the UNIX format where '/' is used to identify subdirectories.
  • Select the "Advanced" button in the Site Profile Manager.
  • Select the "General" tab.
  • Place a check mark on "Use folder short cuts literally, don't interpret as relative"
  • Close the Advanced dialog.
  • Select "Short Cuts" in the Site Profile Manager.
  • Create a Folder Short Cut directly to the drive and folder you want to access, for example DISK$VAXDISK1:[XYZ.ABC.SOFTWARE].

Some servers allow you to immediately execute a CWD command to change to a different drive. FTP Voyager versions and greater allow you to create a Custom Command that is executed immediately after login. Please see the FTP Voyager help file for more information.