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Unable to View or Visit Web Site  -  KB Article #1285

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If you receive a browser error indicating that the site cannot be found when attempting to visit your domain, there are a variety of things that can be the cause. Here are some things to check that will fix the majority of the problems causing this error.

Ensure that your DNS4Me client is online. If the client is not online, then the service cannot determine your current IP address. If you do not have the DNS4Me client, you can download it here.

On the Service dialog, ensure you have it set to "Automatically determine my IP address". You should only specify an online IP address for custom or unique network configurations.

Make sure you have installed and are running your web server software. If you need a web server, Server Watch has a complete list with prices, features, and comparisons.

If you have a router or firewall on your network, you might have port 80 blocked. If the result on www (port:80) is "Connection closed" or "Connection blocked", your router or firewall is probably the cause. Consult your router or firewall documentation on the procedure for setting up a port forward on TCP port 80 that forwards to the internal (network) IP address of the machine running your web server software.

If you still cannot view your web site, your ISP may be blocking port 80 to prevent you from running a web server on your Internet connection. You should check with your ISP to see if this is the case and whether or not it violates your Internet service agreement before proceeding with your web server installation.