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FTP Voyager Lost its Site Profiles  -  KB Article #1288

Related Articles -- 1153; 1204

When system crashes occur, or the site profile file (FTP Voyager.ftp) becomes corrupted, FTP Voyager shows no site profiles in the FTP Voyager Site Profile Manager. Versions of FTP Voyager starting with or greater make backup copies of this file.

FTP Voyager.ftp.backup is a copy of the file prior to FTP Voyager saving your settings. It is overwritten every time FTP Voyager saves the Site Profile settings.

FTP Voyager.ftp.old.backup is a copy of the backup file. FTP Voyager updates this file after this file becomes at least 5 days old.

In the event of a catastrophic failure, these files are available to be used. To use either of these files, make a copy of the file, then rename the copy to FTP Voyager.ftp

Article 1204 shows the default storage locations for the FTP Voyager.ftp files. Please note that on Windows 2000, XP or 2003, the files may be hidden by the operating system, so make sure you search for hidden files and folders.