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Downloading or Uploading Wildcarded Files (such as *.*)  -  KB Article #1298

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The easiest way to download multiple files using wild cards is to use FTP Voyager Scheduler. With FTP Voyager Scheduler do the following steps:

  • Start FTP Voyager Scheduler.
  • Create a new task in the upper left corner.
  • Setup the new task, picking the site profile, and how often (if ever) the task should run.
  • Create a new action in the right pane.
  • Select "Upload" or "Download" for the action.
  • Enter the appropriate information into the fields. For the destination simply enter a directory name and check the folder box. You may use wild cards for the source.

NOTE: to specify all files in a folder use * instead of *.*. *.* means "all files with file extensions (such as text.txt where .txt is the extension). For more information press the "Help" button in the Actions dialog.

Another method if using FTP Voyager alone is to simply use "Edit | Select All" to select all files in a folder, then transfer the files. Another method is to simply upload or download an entire folder.

To filter the files and folders listed in FTP Voyager, or FTP Voyager Scheduler, use the filter settings for a site profile. This option is found under the Site Profile Manager under the "Filters" button or under "Tools | Filter" on the main menu..