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Enabling Confirmation Web Server Access  -  KB Article #1312

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The confirmation server is a web server used to confirm users when they send unsolicited email messages to an account. Because it must be publicly available to senders, you must ensure the confirmation web server works from the Internet. There are several common issues with allowing access to your computer from the Internet.

You can test your confirmation web server by right-click your mouse on the Zaep icon in the system tray next to your clock and selecting "Test Confirmation Server". This option opens a web browser to a test web site that will check your server. The URL for your confirmation server is of the format http://yourserverip:8081/test where yourserverip is the public IP address of your server and 8081 is the port you're using for your confirmation server.

The following list addresses some common issues with accessing the confirmation web server.

Dynamic IP Addresses

Most Internet service providers give your computer an IP address when you connect. This IP address may change on occasion. If your IP address changes, this could be a very serious problem for people trying to challenges issued with your old IP address. To solve this problem, you should try or purchase a DNS4Me domain. Obtaining a trial domain is very simple and fast.

Be sure to download DNS4Me and install it on your computer. You can download DNS4Me from here.

After receiving your DNS4Me domain (via email), open the Zaep Configuration Page by double clicking on the Zaep icon in the system tray next to your clock. Next, select "Confirmation Server" in the menu on the left. In the "Confirmation Domain Name" field, enter the DNS4Me domain you purchased or are trialing.

For more information on using DNS4Me with Zaep, please see Knowledge Base article #1314.

Private IP Address Only

Sometimes your connection to the Internet is through a Router or NAT proxy server. If this is the case, your computer will only have a private IP address, which makes it inaccessible to computers on the Internet. In order to make your confirmation server publicly available you'll need to configure your router or NAT proxy server to accept incoming connections on the confirmation port and send them, or map them, to your computer. Each router or proxy server is configured differently making its impossible to give exact instructions here. Contact your ISP or consult your hardware/software documentation for further instructions on this is done with your particular piece of hardware/software.

Blocked Ports

Some Internet service providers and network administrators block incoming connections on certain ports, such as port 80. They do this to prevent you from hosting web sites. If the port you're trying to use is blocked, try another port number. Ports above 1024 are usually open. Also, it may be a good idea to simply try port 80 (the standard web server port). To be certain, you may need to contact your Internet service provider.

Restricted Access via Your Firewall

Just as your ISP can block certain incoming ports, your router or firewall may also block certain incoming ports. If this is the case, you'll need to make sure your confirmation server's port is open and allowing incoming connections. Configuration of each firewall is different. You may need to contact your ISP or firewall manufacturer for complete instructions.