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Using Zaep with DNS4Me  -  KB Article #1314

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Zaep benefits greatly from using the DNS4Me dynamic DNS service. The confirmation web server built-in to Zaep is required for people to validate their email address before their email is accepted by your account and their address is whitelisted allowing them to bypass this confirmation process for future emails.

However, unless you own a static IP address, the URL provided by the confirmation web server will use your computer's dynamic IP address. If your IP address changes after a challenge is issued, that URL will be out-of-date and the sender of the email will not be able to confirm their address.

DNS4Me bridges this gap by associating a static domain name with your dynamic IP address. With a DNS4Me domain, the confirmation web server will issue challenge responses containing your DNS4Me domain, which always resolves to your current IP address.

To use DNS4Me with Zaep, download DNS4Me and sign-up for DNS4Me service. Take note of the domain name you select to use with the DNS4Me service (such as

Run the DNS4Me client on the machine with Zaep and make sure your domain is online. Once this is done, you need to tell Zaep what your DNS4Me domain is. This is done from the Zaep configuration page. Double-click the Zaep icon in your system tray to access the configuration page. In the left-hand menu, click on "Confirmation Server" to configure the confirmation web server. In the space labeled "Confirmation Domain Name", enter your DNS4Me domain name as shown below:

Zaep using DNS4Me

Click "Save Changes" and Zaep will start using your DNS4Me domain name in challenge URLs.