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Installing Zaep on a NAT Enabled LAN  -  KB Article #1315

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Installing Zaep requires a working understanding of how your network is setup and how you want to use Zaep. If you intend to install Zaep on a network computer while supporting multiple client computers, use the following steps.

Configuring your LAN for Zaep

Internally, Zaep consists of several servers. The confirmation server must be configured to allow access from the Internet. In order to allow Internet access to Zaep, perform the following steps:

  1. If the server computer, where you intend to install Zaep, does not have a fixed IP address (i.e., its IP address is provided by your DHCP enabled router), configure it to have a fixed IP address such as A fixed IP address on your LAN is important so that other computers can access Zaep's servers using the same IP address at all times.
  2. Configure your router or proxy server software to allow incoming connections from the Internet to this computer. This is normally done by configuring your router to map a port or route a port from the Internet to this computer. The default confirmation port number is 8081. Create a map from your router to this computer on port 8081. A sample of how a port forward is setup on a Linksys router can be found in Knowledge Base article #1289.
  3. After installing Zaep (see below), be sure to test your confirmation server.

Installing DNS4Me

Most ISPs provide your computer with a dynamic IP address, which means your IP address changes every so often. Because you have no control over when your IP address may change, it's important that the challenge URLs issued by Zaep remain consistent after being issued, regardless of whether or not your IP address has changed. To get around the dynamic IP address problem, install and use DNS4Me as outlined below.

  1. Download DNS4Me from
  2. Install DNS4Me on your server computer.
  3. Either purchase or obtain a trial registration ID for the DNS4Me domain you would like to use. For example,
  4. Check your email for your DNS4Me registration ID.
  5. When your DNS4Me registration ID arrives, follow the instructions in the message to enter the ID in to the DNS4Me software.
  6. From the "Status" screen in DNS4Me, make sure your domain is online. If it is not, click the "Go Online" button.

Installing Zaep

  1. Download Zaep from
  2. Install Zaep on your server computer.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Zaep installer. When prompted for a confirmation server domain name or IP address, enter the DNS4Me domain name you signed up for in the step above ( in this example).

    Configuring domain

  4. After the installation program is complete, start Zaep.
  5. The Zaep icon appears next to the clock in the system tray. Right-click your mouse on the icon and select "Test Confirmation Server".

    Testing confirmation server

  6. Your web browser will open to a web site that will test the accessibility of your confirmation server on the Internet. You will see a message that says "IF YOU CAN READ THIS SENTENCE YOUR CONFIRMATION WEB SERVER IS WORKING.".
  7. If you don't see the confirmation message, there are two likely problems. Either your server isn't accessible to the Internet because of firewall software or a router, or the web site used for testing is either slow or unavailable.
  8. Always have a friend try to test your confirmation web server by visiting "" where "" is the DNS4Me domain you're using and "8081" is the port number you're using for your confirmation server. This ensures the confirmation server is accessible from outside your LAN.

Configuring Email Clients

In order to use Zaep, email clients must be configured to connect to Zaep instead of directly to your email server. To do that, please choose one of the following Knowledge Base articles:

Microsoft Outlook Express / Outlook
The Bat!
Mozilla Thunderbird
Pegasus Mail

To learn about creating Zaep accounts, please click here

Testing Zaep

After configuring Zaep it is a good idea to test it. Click here for information about testing Zaep.