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POP3 Login Doesn't Work  -  KB Article #1318

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Many servers accept your full email address for POP3 login. However some do not. Since Zaep needs you to send it your full email address for your POP3 login, you need to change the POP3 Login value for your account in Zaep. Do do this follow these instructions.

  • Login to Zaep.
  • Select the Zaep account.
  • Select the POP3 Server menu option.
  • Enter the POP3 User name into the POP3 User field.
  • Select "Save Changes".
  • Try retrieving your email again in your email client.

NOTE: You may also receive an error if your other POP3 settings such as POP3 Server Name/IP or the POP3 Port is not set correctly. Use your ISP's values and enter them into Zaep for the correct configuration.

Also, make sure your port settings are correct in your email client. Click here to learn more about configuring Zaep.